Eqidius - Kennel of German Shepherds

The German Shepherd race has become the most popular in the world, because of its traits, natural beauty, smartness, will to work in extreme conditions, fearlessness, hardness, vigilance, endurance, universal usability, temperament with strong defensive instinct and manageability and audacity made it universal dog.

The German Shepherd dog can be a great companion, excellent work, sport, police, guide and rescue dog and of course excellent guardian of the herd.

These words came from the book “German Shepherd” and they were part of my inspiration in founding my own kennel in 1973.

On 25th of May I have been given the protected name for my kennel EGIDIUS.

My first female was great in nature and exterior Kate z  Poldomu . I founded my kennel on Kate´s daughter Blume Egidius and then Gora Egidius, Ida Egidius, Arne Egidius and Xilla Egidius.

In 1999 was reassessment of the protected names and 25th of November 1999 the name Egidius has been changed to EQIDIUS.

My creed is to breed German Shepherd physically and mentally efficient.

With beauty to performance and with performance to beauty.